Flight Scope Experience

Give your tournament participants the professional golfer experience with state-of-the-art technology. This is a Unique PGA Professional Golf Experience.  This experience will help your brand exposure, open sponsorship opportunities, extend reach and increase revenue streams.

The FlightScope Mevo+ is a launch monitor that uses patented FlightScope Fusion Tracking technology to provide golfers with accurate golf performance data. Fusion Tracking technology is an innovative combination of 3D Doppler tracking radar technology and synchronized high speed image processing. Each player will receive their a video with their SHOT TRACER, just like the pro’s on TV.  Swing Speed, Ball Speed, Carry Distance and Total Distance.


  • Accurate Long Drive Competition
  • Interactive PAR 5, if your foursome collectively hits drives over 800 yards, Move Up to 125 yards.
  • Guess your yardage. Each person guesses their driving distance, within 10 yards.  Their name goes in a hat to win a prize.
  • Many, many unique options, we can customize and create a memorable experience for your players.