Trackman Experience

Give your tournament participants the professional golfer experience with state-of-the-art technology. This is a Unique PGA Professional Golf Experience.  This experience will help your brand exposure, open sponsorship opportunities, extend reach and increase revenue streams.

Participants get evaluated by Trackman Software & Technology, PGA-level on-course video, swing and ball flight analysis. On the tee box players receive carry distance, estimated total distance, ball speed and club speed in a matter of seconds. This experience does not slow down the pace of play.


  • This experience opens a great sponsor opportunity, upgrade your Long Drive Sponsor. The Trackman automatically capture the “actual” longest drive. No more writing names on a proximity marker in the middle of the fairway. No more waiting for the proximity marker to me returned. The Winner of Long Drive can be texted to Head Pro in seconds.  
  • Guess your distance, this is a fun interactive game.  Players within 10 yards of their guessed distance will enter their name for a drawing.  During the ceremony the sponsor will draw the winner and supply the prize.
  • After the golf tournament is completed, each participant will receive an email report with the name of the event, along with the Sponsor logo.
       This email will contain:
          1. Video of their swing compared to a tour pro
          2. Key data parameters of their swing and ball flight
          3. Game improvement graphics

    Our past experience shows Golfer’s repeatedly view this email over and over. Thus, the sponsors logo is visible over and over. Sponsors will come back year after year!