Premium Signage

  1. Wired Pin Flags
    • Pin flags are always in view with built-in support wire along the top edge.
    • After the event show your sponsor appreciation by “Framing the Flag” and sending it to the Sponsor.
  2. Powerful Cart Banners
    • Imagine your “Cart Sponsor” logo(s) on the front of every golf cart and seen all over the course.
  3. Custom Tee Markers
    • Have you thought about a “Tee Marker Sponsor?”
    • 18 Colorful and highly visable branded pairs that won’t be missed at the start of each hole.
  4. 18 Hold Trivia Contest Signs (with logo’d Paper Scorecard)
    • Your organization/charity creates all 18 questions about your Charity. This is a great opportunity for golfers to learn more about the charity. Instead of mindless golf, this popular Sponsor branded game engages and entertains golfers throughout the day.